Monday, January 5, 2009

OH NOEZ: \\// out 4 now

so i do not really have the concentration to keep up with this being as i am too involved in the lives of my fave young adults in hollywood. maybe when fashion week rolls around or you know i get some fashionspiration since everything is kinda boring me lately. i did get a super cute m by mj clutch for xmas though but besides that i have not really been in lovelovelove with anything lately. anyway if you are like tots in love with me and need a fix, check out!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

IDOLIZE: Rachel Zoe

so if i could be anyone it would probably be rachel zoe. she is the ultimate stylist and well i want to be a stylist. oh and she is major thinspiration. i mean i ain't starving myself but if we have learned anything from her and her clients (including nicole richie and mischa barton) it's that thin is beautiful. i mean i little meat is nice for some but hey some of us are just skinny and i think we get too much shit even when its natural. okay so i am rambling but seriously someone tell me how to contact rachel so i can be her intern or you know wash her car or something. total idol worthy. just take a look at her closet. amazing.

Friday, August 1, 2008


i am sure you know from a previous that i have a bit of an obsession with rachel bilson and now she has managed to do something to make me love her even more. she recently announced her upcoming fashion line edie rose for dkny. unfortunately her line is not due out until september but what i do have is some pictures of the lovely miss rachel bilson modeling some of her pieces.

my favorite thing about her line has to be her use of yellow. seriously yellow is the color of the moment and hopefully stays that way for a while because i personally cannot get enough of it. especially in the form of cute mini dresses as seen in the photo on the right. this line gets an a+++ from me and i am sure you will be hearing more about it when i get my hands on some of it.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


i have been gone a bit, but i am back. i may do a little summer fashion and fashinspiration. of course when fashion week rolls around i will be talking endlessly about that. hopefully bcbg will finally have a good show. fingerscrossed. for now i will just hunt the internet for some hip fashions and you will hear from me soon.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

WACKED! bcbg max aria

way to fail yet again bcbg. i usually love your stuff. actually i am pretty sure most of what you sell in stores is really cute. actually some of what was on the runway was cute (not whatever the fuck is on the left, that shit is just fug) if it wasn't for that awful belt. let's take for example the dress on the right. its adorable, the lace on the top is tdf and it has pockets which you know i go crazy over yet some douchebag had to come around and be like "omg guyz lets put belts on all des purdy dresses!!!!11!!!"... awful awful awful idea. whoever had that idea should be banned from the fashion industry forever. i cannot even handle this shit, but still this is an upgrade from last season so i guess you at least have that. hopefully it will continue going uphill from here.


Friday, February 8, 2008

BANGIN'! Alexander Wang

here i am to bring you the best and worst and such of ny fashion week fall 07. now as always i will start off with alexander wang and go through through the rest in alphabetical order because that's how everything is saved on my comp just in case you were wondering. i know, highly doubtful, but i can dream.

anyway i should probably focus on wang's most beautiful collection. i am really digging him both this season and last. it is very casual and just chill but not in the boring way. it's also kind of hipster and so being hipster scum i do enjoy it. i also am digging the lack of pants in the outfit to the right. i for one never wear pants when i can (being it is winter in nyc i cannot afford such a luxury) so i am glad i am trendy by doing and less so skanky. maybe this will convince my dad i am not a hooker and just trying to be fashionable.

now here is another cute hipster outfit. i just adore how this whole thing is put together (minus the hat which is just fug and unnecessary, i mean what girls wear beanies these days??? hopefully very few). i would wear this all the time but i dunno how practical it would be for late fall. i feel like with all the rips in the tights would make me kinda cold. oh well when i am back in lalaland i can wear it all the time. oh i miss la weather. oh well. A++ to mister wang for his collection.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

WTF?!: marc by marc jacobs

i am slightly in love with the marc by marc jacobs fall 2008 line, but i will go into more detail when i do my fall 2008 new york fashion week posts. for now i would just like someone to please explain this out fit to me. i am just confused. at first i am like oh weird blue sweater underneath but whatever. then i took a closer look and could not for the life of me figure out where it was coming from. there is seemingly no top to it. please someone let me know what the hell is going on. is it attached to the shirt or maybe the vest or even the jacket???? someone just figure it out so i don't loose to many nights of sleep trying to solve this mystery...